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Skills needs

ERFF is currently carrying out a review to identify UK skills needs and training priorities in the environmental science sector for the next 10 years to ensure a healthy environmental science base in the UK and provide UK employers (academia, business, policy makers and regulators and also the international development sector) with the skilled people they require.

The review is divided into three parts:

  1. Determine what evidence is available to inform the study, particularly where recent reviews have taken place, and consider the strategies of members and other end users of skilled people to provide boundaries for the study and make recommendations for how phase 2 should be conducted. Both training needs and current supply are being reviewed.

  2. Consult with stakeholders, gather any further evidence and make qualitative and quantitative recommendations for future skills requirements, including national capacity and capability.

  3. Match the skills needs identified with current training provision and make recommendations for change, including training that should be stopped and the need for increases in particular areas.

Following the review, ERFF expects to develop an implementation plan and to oversee and monitor the resulting changes.