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ERFF Delivery plan

The Forum’s Delivery Plan is not an ‘activity’ of itself, but it defines the objectives and activities which ERFF will pursue during the 3-year currency of each Plan.

ERFF’s first delivery plan (2004-07) was completed in March 2007 and was based on the recommendations of an analysis of environmental science completed in 2003 and on members’ priorities for the Forum identified in a review of ERFF carried out in 2004.

ERFF Report 01 - Progress report 2004-07 and delivery plan 2007-10, published in September 2007, reports on progress during the first three years and outlines objectives for the next delivery plan period (2007-2010). Achievements from the first Delivery Plan include:

2007-2010 Objectives

The 2007-2010 Delivery Plan objectives (see page 15 of ERFF Report 01 for an overview) continue to build on these activities, for example the Living With Environmental Change initiative and following up recommendations in ERFF Report 03 via the Science-Policy initiative, as well as new projects such as: