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During the course of its first delivery plan (2004-07) the Forum developed two databases in Microsoft Access, a database of environmental Research projects and a database of environmental Monitoring activities. These are in process of being replaced by new online searchable resources with up-to-date content. This is a staged process and the latest position is that:.

UK-EOF environmental observation database

One of the outputs of the UK Environmental Observation Framework will be a new online searchable database of UK environmental observation activities. The development of this database will form a major component in Workstream 2 of the UK-EOF.

Monitoring database

In the course of the review of environmental monitoring carried out for ERFF in 2006 (reported in ERFF Report 02) a database of environmental monitoring activities in the UK was created (in Microsoft Access). Activities were classified on 12 topics and also using the ERFF research classification scheme devised in connection with the 2004/05 environmental research database. The database excluded marine monitoring activities as these were the subject of a separate review already being carried out by another group.

Research database

2008/09 database

A new database of environmental research activities funded by ERFF members has been developed (in Oracle) and populated by the ERFF Secretariat. This contains information about the vast majority of the environmental research funded by ERFF members during the period April 2005 – March 2008, and partial information on ERFF member-funded environmental research earlier and later than this. Work is ongoing to add more recent research and to classify the projects and programmes on the ERFF classification scheme, but the database is now available for searching. Information previously included in the 2004/05 database (see below) has not yet been migrated into the new database. This will be done over the next few months but in the meantime this earlier database can still be downloaded and examined using Microsoft Access.

2004/05 database

ERFF has created a database (using Microsoft Access 2000) containing information about environmental research projects which received funding from ERFF member organisations during April 2004 - March 2005. This data was the basis for the analysis reported in ERFF Report 04, Strategic analysis of environmental research activities. A customised version of this database can be downloaded from this site. This is a fully-functioning Access database including a customised search form to enable non-expert Access users to find projects of interest. You will, however, need to have MS Access 2000 or later installed on your PC in order to use the database.