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About ERFF

ERFF aims to maximise the coherence and effectiveness of environmental research in the UK by bringing together its principal public-sector sponsors. It was created in 2002 and now has 19 member organisations.

The terms ‘environmental’ and ‘research’ are both interpreted widely, to include observation activites (statutory monitoring, non-statutory collection of long-term datasets, and survey), studies supporting policy and regulation, and research-based training, not only in the traditional environmental sciences but also in areas of economic, social, engineering and other research concerned with the interaction of humans with the environment.

ERFF’s objectives are delivered through a rolling 3-year delivery plan which is agreed by the ERFF Main Board, directed by working groups or project boards and funded by members. The ERFF Secretariat provides administrative services and carries out the delivery plan, subcontracting work where necessary and supported by input from ERFF member organisations.

The ERFF Main Board consists of senior representatives (Chief Executive or Chief Scientist) from government, devolved administrations and agencies and is currently chaired by Steve Killeen, Head of Science at the Environment Agency.


The purpose of the Environment Research Funders’ Forum is to make the best possible use of public funding for environmental research, monitoring (observation) and survey, and associated policy, regulation and training. It seeks to achieve this by bringing together the UK’s major public sector sponsors of environmental science to enable them to make more effective use of funding in cooperation than they can separately.

In pursuit of the most efficient use of public funds for the understanding, protection and enhancement of the natural environment ERFF encompasses not only the environmental sciences directly concerned with understanding the environment itself, but includes research in other disciplines such as the social sciences and engineering, which can provide enlightenment on environmental issues or solutions to environmental problems.


10 Year Vision

The Forum’s ten-year vision guides the activities of the Forum, and our partnerships with other bodies, through which we will enable its realisation: