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Environment Research Funders’ Forum (ERFF)

The ERFF brings together the UK’s major investors in environmental evidence. Members include the Devolved Administrations, Government Departments and Agencies and Research Councils.


17 June 2010

Improved ERFF research database search

An improved and extended version of the ERFF research database search has just been launched on a new website, EnvironmentalResearch.info. This offers direct searching for organisations, people and outputs as well as continuing to provide the easy and flexible text searching for project that you are used to finding on the ERFF website.

10 June 2010

ERFF to merge with two other co-ordinating bodies

To create an even more effective partnership for co-ordinating and getting best value from environmental research and observation, the Boards of ERFF, Living with Environmental Change and the Global Environmental Change Committee have agreed to merge. This will bring together 22 public sector funders of environmental research under the single identity of Living with Environmental Change.

19 April 2010

The value of long term sea level monitoring

Long term sea level observations enable scientists to forecast a rise of 0·6 and 1·6 metres by the end of the century.